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BuildCircuit.COM is owned and operated by SAGAR SAPKOTA and Anita Gajurel. We are Electronics Engineers and freelancers currently living in Sydney, Australia.

BuildCircuit is a rapidly growing website among electronics engineers and hobbyists. We are experts in making Arduino and basic electronic kits. However, we are slowing moving into writing reviews of electronic gadgets and products from various stores.

We operate two online stores and

We are now accepting paid guest posts and review articles from companies all over the world. We are also supporting crowd funding projects via affiliate marketing.

If your company is looking for a place to advertise your product, service or website on this website, you are most welcome.

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Fees for articles:

  • Crowd funding related articles (200USD/article): We only publish articles supporting crowd funding projects if we can make extra revenue via affiliate marketing. Besides, we charge 200 USD for each article. Your article will have minimum 1000 words, we will make thorough analysis of your product.


  • Guest Post/Articles (55USD or 200USD/article): We charge 55USD/article if the article has been written by YOU. If you want us to write the article for you, our fee will be 200USD/article. The article will be on our website forever.


  • Product review(55USD or 300USD/article): If you want us to make a video review of your product, publish a ‘how to use’ article and post some pictures, you can send the product to our address (we will share the address by email). For product reviews with images and videos, our fee is 300USD/article. If you already have an article, videos and photos, you can send that to us, in that case the fee is 55USD/article.

Check out our sample articles:

EasyEDA is our regular customer. We have been getting several articles from EasyEDA. Here are few articles written for EasyEDA.

  1. Viewing BuildCircuit’s Gerber Files on EasyEDA Gerber Viewer

  2. EasyEDA features for Schematic and PCB design

  3. EasyEDA’s Gerber viewer for beginners and experts

  4. 7 reasons JLCPCB is better than any other PCB manufacturers

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