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This post contains all the assembly images of ‘breadboard power supply using LM317- DIY kit’. You can click on the images and see the steps. We have not put the images serially, but once you click on the image, it shows the step numbers.

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breadboard power supply Step 2 Solder 1N4007 diode Step 4 Solder SPDT switch Step 5 Solder another SPDT switch Step 6 Solder 5mm LED Step 7 Solder resettable fuse 500mA Step 8 Solder the last 330R resistor Step 9 Solder 100uF and 10uF capacitors Step 9 Solder 100uF and 10uF capacitors-2 Step 10 Solder LM7805 and DC barrel Step 10 solder LM7805 and dC barrel-2 Step 11 Solder the male headers for breadboard Step 11-Close up Step 12 Fixing the breadboard power supply on breadboard Step 13 Powering up the breadboard power supply Step 14- 2 Powering up the breadboard power supply Step 14- 3 Powering up the breadboard power supply - Copy Step 1- solder resistors 330R, 240R and 390R Step 3 Solder 0.1uF capacitor

You can buy this DIY kit at The store is operated by BuildCircuit team.

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