Portfolio- Amarino evaluation shield


Originally designed By: SAGAR SAPKOTA    (contact)

Amarino Evaluation shield has been widely appreciated by its users and the Amarino application builder team.

Amarino Evaluation shield can be used for doing several experiments with Amarino and Android serial emulators. For example, you can operate a multicolor lamp, sensor graph, light sensor, display your sms on 16×2 LCD, etc.

Amarino application for Android application was designed at MIT media lab. I designed a DIY shield for the application and named it Amarino evaluation shield. The shield is particular useful for testing all the features of Amarino-toolkit application.

The kit is one of the best sellers of BuildCircuit. I sell the shield at www.buildcircuit.net. The kit has supported the Amarino community and helped many electronics engineers and hobbyists learn the basics of Amarino.


You can buy the shield at www.buildcircuit.net.

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