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Tag: Amarino Evaluation shield

Theory behind Android- Arduino communication via Bluetooth

Bluetooth profile is a wireless communication interface that connects Bluetooth devices. The profiles define requirements for implementing of Bluetooth for various applications, such as,...

Display SMS on LCD using Amarino evaluation shield

Tutorial for Amarino Beginners- Display your SMS on 16x2 LCD. This tutorial shows you how to display SMS on 16x2 LCD. This tutorial is based...

Amarino Evaluation Shield

After the success of BuildCircuit's first Amarino Shield for Android-Arduino experiments, we are here with Amarino Evaluation Shield. I am grateful to all the...

Experiments with Amarino Evaluation Shield

Before you read this post, please read the following  posts: a. Introduction to Amarino evaluation shield. b. Amarino evaluation shield assembly tutorial. You can do several experiments...

How to assemble Amarino Evaluation Shield

SEE ALL THE PHOTOS ON FLICKR This post shows you how to build the Amarino evaluation shield. When you buy the shield package, you will get...

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