BuildCircuit team has been designing electronics kits for a long time. We have been ordering PCBs from various companies in China and most of them offer similar price and service.

We have recently found a new player in PCB manufacturing and it seems to work for most of the Arduino and basic electronic hobbyists who just need 5-10 pcs of low cost PCBs to test their ideas.

A company called JLCPCB manufactures 10pcs of PCBs with maximum size 10cmx10cm in just 2 dollars. This is the cheapest price we have ever seen. The shipping charge is also low as compared to other companies. We are now saving half of our R&D expense on PCBs.

The following steps show how you can order 10pcs PCBs in just 2 dollars.

Step 1: Visit the JLCPCB website. The home page displays a quotation calculator that takes you to the ordering page. On the quotation calculator, simply enter the size of the PCB, quantity, layers and thickness.

You can press this button here to go the ordering page directly. 

Step 2: Settings on the quote page. After clicking the QUOTE NOW button, it will take you to the quote page where you enter all the required details.

The quote page has the excellent default setting for beginners who do not understand all the PCB manufacturing terms and standards. For example, the terms like Surface Finish, Gold Fingers, Material details, etc. can be confusing for hobbyists, so, you can just avoid those settings. The default setting is all good. If you want to know the meaning of those terms and want to figure out what’s their significance on your PCBs, you can simply click on the question mark right above the terms.

For example, JLCPCB has well explained the term Gold Fingers, Material details, etc.

If you are a beginner, you just need to set the PCB dimensions, layers, color, thickness and the quantity you need. Other default settings can be kept as they are.

Step 3: Click Save to Cart and that will take you to a page which will ask you to add your Gerber files.

Step 4: Upload your gerber file.  After uploading the gerber, simply click SAVE TO CART.

Step 5: Go to the cart page. After you click the save to cart button, you will go to the cart page that shows the PCB details. You can checkout securely from this page.

Step 6: Enter your shipping details and choose the shipping method. The shipping fee varies depending upon your location. For shipping to United States, they charge approximately 12 USD. Finally, pay for the PCBs using Paypal.

The following video shows the whole process of ordering a PCB from JLCPCB.

This video shows the quality of a PCB that we recently received from JLCPCB.

This is one of the PCBs I ordered from JLCPCB.

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JLCPCB Prototype & Small-batch PCB: Only $2 for 10pcs 10×10cm PCBs, 24 hours Quick Turn, DHL Delivery in 3 Days


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