5 easy PCB projects that can be ordered from PCBGOGO

Every electronics beginner or hobbyist wants to experience the process of new product development. Everyone wants to test his/her project ideas and transform them into PCB, assemble the parts, and make a real product. BuildCircuit in collaboration with PCBGOGO.COM has listed out these 5 easy PCB projects that anyone can order from PCBGOGO. Before listing out the projects, let’s know the PCB company, PCBGOGO.com. We can guarantee that the PCBs would work without any issues because we also order our PCBs from PCBGOGO.com.


PCBGOGO.com is a well-known PCB manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China.  We recommend this manufacturer for the following reasons:

  • PCBGOGO.com is a manufacturing supplier of BuildCircuit.com.
  • The company offers in-house manufacturing of PCB boards and assembly.
  • PCBs are certified by UL, ISO, IATF, RoHS and REACH.
  • Quick turnaround(as fast as 24 hours lead time).
  • 24 hours live tech support and non-stop production.
  • Low MOQ for turnkey PCB assembly service.
  • Global delivery and on-time shipping with DHL.
  • Professional engineers responding within 2 hours.

Now, let’s get into the topic. These are the 5 projects that you can order from PCBGOGO.com. All the projects have been tested at the BuildCircuit lab. These projects are suitable for beginners and hobbyists. All the Gerber files are included with each project.

1. Digital Clock DIY kit :

 This kit is also called ClockIt, originally designed by Sparkfun. This is one of the easiest kits to learn the basics of soldering and electronics.  The clock is based on Arduino and uses ATmega328. It is a basic alarm clock with a buzzer. If you’re just learning how to solder, this kit should take you 15-20 minutes. If you’re a weathered pro at soldering, this is a great relaxing build that should take 5-10 minutes. We’ve made some changes to this kit so it’s easier for beginners to solder: The ATMega footprint is wider so you don’t need to bend any pins and we’ve also added some more silkscreen print to better indicate the polarity of the parts. Read more about the kit in this article.

The PCB of this project is manufactured by PCBGOGO.com

All the files required for this project are listed here:

2. Sound generator

This is a basic electronic kit using NE555. It is a basic sound generator with a photoresistor. When the light falling on the photoresistor is blocked, the resistance increases and it immediately changes the frequency of the NE555 timer. Note that the NE555 is configured in astable mode. It is a handy project for absolute beginners and hobbyists. It takes about 15 minutes to solder the kit and basic soldering knowledge is enough to make it work. You can place an order for the PCB at PCBGOGO.Com and get the PCBs with a few days.

The PCB of this project is manufactured by PCBGOGO.com

Documents related to this project are here:

3. DIY Arduino kit:

This is a DIY Arduino kit for beginners. You can gather the essential parts and build your own Arduino. The PCB is designed for through-hole components. You can use it as the original Arduino board, for example, you can stack the Arduino shields and work with any Arduino modules.

The PCB of this project is manufactured by PCBGOGO.com

You can download the Gerber and order it from any PCBGOGO.COM. Documents related to this project is given below:

4. Music game project

This project is from https://www.spikenzielabs.com/. This Arduino-based Music Game project is similar to other memory games where a light flashes and with each step another light is added to the sequence, but the Music Game is acoustic.  There are two challenges, one is to figure out which note was played and the other is to remember the sequence. Unlike the light type games, the Music Game isn’t over when you make a mistake! So even if you are an expert solderer, the Music Game may still have some challenges for you once you start playing. Everything related to this project has been described here. Please note that you cannot use this project for commercial use. You can try this project for your personal use.

The PCB of this project is manufactured by PCBGOGO.com


5. Breadboard power supply stick- SMD:

PCBGOGO.com is a popular destination for ordering SMT orders also. This breadboard power supply stick can be an excellent project for beginners who want to try PCBs with SMD components.

This is a very simple board that takes a 6-12V input voltage and outputs a selectable 5V or 3.3V regulated voltage. All headers are 0.1″ pitch for simple insertion into a breadboard.

Input power can be supplied to either the DC barrel jack or the two pin header labeled + and -. Output power is supplied to the pins labeled GND and VCC. Board has both an On/Off switch and a voltage select switch (3.3V/5V).

The PCB of this project is manufactured by PCBGOGO.com

All the required documents can be found here:

You can order all the PCBs from PCBGOGO.com

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