Electronics Calculators And Downloads

This is the list of electronics calculators, downloadable software and links to useful websites.


  1. Resistor Color Code Calculator
  2. Parallel Resistance Calculator
  3. Capacitor Code Calculator
  4. Capacitance Unit Converter
  5. Parallel Capacitor Calculator
  6. Capacitor Charge Energy Calculator
  7. Inductor Color Code Calculator
  8. Ohm’s Law Calculator1
  9. Ohm’s Law Calculator 2
  10. Potential Divider Calculator
  11. Power Calculator
  12. NE555 Timer Astable mode calculator
  13. NE555 Timer Monostable mode calculator
  14. LED Resistor Calculator
  15. MCD to lumens Calculator
  16. Time Constant Calculator
  17. Inverting op-amp resistor calculator
  18. Non- Inverting op-amp resistor calculator
  19. Opamp voltage and gain calculator


Adobe Acrobat Reader – Needed to view datasheets supplied in PDF format. Datasheets are available from most large component suppliers web sites.

AKNM Circuit Magic – Educational software showing circuit calculations using Kirchoff’s laws, Node Voltage and Mesh Current methods. Includes schematic editor and vector diagram editor.

Andreas Waldherr Software Engineering – Manufacture PCB Editor, a very easy to use package with some useful features.

Bells-Hill Simulation Software – Home of CIRSIM analogue electronics simulation software and LOUDSIM loudspeaker simulation software. A demo version of CIRSIM can be downloaded from the site.

Capilano Computing – Canadian distributor of software tools for circuit design & programming.

DIY Calculator – The home of How Computers Do Maths – Companion web site for the book ‘How Computers Do Maths’ by Clive ‘Max’ Maxfield (see books links page). Includes downloads and subroutines to accompany the CD-ROM supplied with the book.

Electronics Assistant – A Windows-based program written by Electronics 2000. It includes calculators for resistance, ohms law, power, capacitance and more. A simple program allowing offline use of the interactive calculators on this site. Go here to download it.

EPE FTP Site – Everyday Practical Electronics have an FTP site containing software for microcontroller-based projects in the magazine (see magazines section) as well as a useful resistor code calculator program, and other useful information.

EZRoute2000 – Comprehensive PCB design software and PCB manufacture service. Demo available.

Evil Genius Resistor Attack – A game to teach resistor colour codes. To play move left and right using the arrow keys. ‘Shoot’ at the attacking resistor by pressing the number key corresponding to the resistor colour. E.g. to kill a yellow resistor move below it and press 4, for a red resistor press 2.

Karnaugh Minimizer – A program for minimising Boolean algebra for logic circuits using Karnaugh maps. Much quicker and easier than doing it by hand! Can produce a schematic or VHDL code from a Boolean equation or truth table.

NL5 Circuit Simulator – Circuit simulation software. Demo version available to download. 

Orcad – Manufacture a comprehensive suite of electronics design software, including PSpice, the industry standard simulation package. Unlimited evaluation version available free.

Pico Technology – Manufacture a wide range of virtual instrumentation.

SIMetrix – SPICE or SIMPLIS circuit simulation software. Free fully featured versions are available, subject to generous circuit size limits.

SoftBattery – Useful software including a serial communications program with a number of special functions.

VeeCAD – CAD software for designing stripboard layouts. Takes a netlist from schematic design software and produces a stripboard layout, just like a PCB design program. Free and commercial versions available.

YMEC Software – Real-time virtual instrumentation including a signal generator, oscilloscope, FFT analyser and more. Site includes measurement application notes.


Electronics Club: This is one of the best websites for learning basics of electronics.

Talking Electronics: This is also a useful website for small projects related to LED, NE555 and transistors.

101science.com – Electronics tutorials, theory, software and links to electronics web sites.

555 Timer Circuits – The title says it all really. Lots of little circuits demonstrating just how versatile the 555 timer is. 

μ Electronics Info – A blog of interesting circuits, ideas, schematics and other information about microelectronics and microcontrollers.

Appliance Parts Pro – ‘Cheat Sheet’ (Beginners Guide to Electronics) – Links to useful electronics-related sites, theory, forumlae and more. 

Circuit Diagram – A large and varied collection of free circuit diagrams. 

Circuit Exchange International – A wealth of circuits, practical tips, theory and lots more electronics-related stuff.

Circuit-Fantasia – Educational site for students, teachers and hobbyists. Interactive tutorials present material in an exciting format, each tutorial presenting a circuit based on the last one. Flash required to view site.

CircuitPlanet – A large and varied collection of free circuit diagrams. 

Circuit Sage – Useful site with loads of Analogue and Digital design information.

Delabs – A collection of electronic circuits, electronics web links and other stuff.

Discover Circuits – Over 7000 circuits and links to 4000+ resources.

Easy Appliance Parts – Learn How to Solder – A pretty comprehensive guide to soldering and desoldering, including a wealth of information and links. 

EE Homepage – Tools, educational material and advice for engineers, educators and students.

EEWeb – Electical Engineering community website featuring news, articles, forum and more. 

Elec & Micro – Electronics & microcontroller rescources including projects, circuits, books, experiments & datasheets.

Electronic Circuits for Beginners – Circuit diagrams & tutorials aimed at beginners.

Electronics Circuit – Beginner and advanced level electronic circuits & links.

Electronics for Beginners – Beginners guide to electronics, with information beginning from the basics up. Site includes examples and a forum.

Electronics Lab – Electronic projects with full schematics, diagrams and PCBs, electronics articles, links, downloads, recommended electronics books and an online electronics community.Electronics Lab

Electric Motors Reference Center – Electric motor design resources including information on types of motor, articles and links to suppliers.

Electricians Paradise – Information on electrical wiring and basic electronics. Note that electrical advise given on this site relates to U.S. wiring.

Electronics-Tutorials – Electronics tutorials aimed at GCSE, AS and A-level students as well as hobbyists. Articles cover analog and digital electronics theory with clear expanations and diagrams.

Electronics Project Design – Electronic project schematics, component decriptions, product testing and more.

Electronics & Radio Today – Information on electronics & radio topics, including basic electronics and radio concepts, basic components, analogue & logic circuits, ham radio and constructional techniques.

Electronics Engineering Video Blog Podcast – Electronics design video blog & podcast. Also available on the YouTube channel ‘EEVblog’.

Electronics Teacher – Educational site with Tutorials and practical exercises covering digital & analogue electronics, microcontrollers, computers and more. Electronic Tutorials and Robotics Guide

Electroniq.net – English / Romanian site with schematics, projects, tutorials & software.

ElectroSofts.com – Information on electronics and programming including tutorials, downloads and source code.

Electtronica Audio – Italian audio electronics site offering circuit diagrams & designs, datasheets and more.

Engineering Knowledge – Sitie dedicated to engineering and computing students, engineers and hobbyists. Includes free software, proejects and tutorials.

ePanorama.net – Covers a host of electronics related topics including sound and lighting, programming, computers and almost everything else!

FC’s Electronic Circuits – A large and diverse collection of circuits, software and more.

Guide Circuit – Electronic circuits, schematics, articles and software.

Hack N Mod – A wealth of cool hacks, mods & projects.

Hardware Book – Very useful site contains wiring details of connectors, cables and adapters. Also includes downloadable versions.

Hobby Projects – A collection of links to loads of circuits and electronics tutorials.

Ian Sands – Audio equipment, mixing and recording links from a professional sound engineer.

Interfacing alphanumeric LCD 16×2 to Parallel Port using VB6 – Useful information on controlling an LCD module from a PC.

Lazar’s Power Electronics Corner – Lots of links to resources for the design of power supplies.

Making PCBs – A useful guide giving details of how to make your own PCBs and get the best results. The guide includes tips on what works and what doesn’t, based on the author’s 20 years of experience.

My Electronics Hobby – Leorick Simon’s blog covering a variety of electronic issues, circuit ideas and projects.

NostalgiaAir – Information on the restoration of vintage equipment.

PCB Design Tutorial – Excellent free guide to designing PCBs. Includes info on track sizes and current ratings, pad sizes, ground planes, low noise design and everything else you need to know.

PCB Heaven – Electronic designs & schematics, calculators, theory, an online forum and more.

Radio-Electronics.Com – Information on radio communications, electronics, amateur radio, test, measurement and more. Includes online bookshop.

Science Lobby.com – Electronics tutorials, theory, data sheets, links and more.

Silicon Tronics – Electronics community site for engineers & hobbyists, including a forum, projects & articles.

Talking Electronics – Site contains information on programming and using PIC microcontrollers. Includes programmer, projects and data. Also general electronics theory and beginners course.

The PIC List – Lots of information on the Microchip PIC including assembly code and C library, frequently asked questions, beginners projects and open mailing list. Very useful for anyone interested in using PICs.

TRY PLC.com – Information on PLC controllers – software, cables, new and second hand PLCs.

XLOADER- Upload Arduino HEX files with XLoader. Download from hobbytronics, Github or Google Drive. While uploading a HEX file for Arduino, use an Arduino UNO board, do not use a FTDI basic and a DIY Arduino.

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