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There are only three steps to use the digital object counter kit.

Step 1: Test the Counter Module

First of all, power up the counter module with a 5V DC power adapter. You can use your mobile phone charger also. All the seven-segment displays should display either 000 or 110. Then, press the ‘count’ switch to test if the counter counts. It should count up. Then, press the ‘reset’ switch to check if the number resets to 000.

Use a normal torch, illuminate the photoresistor and see if the LED turns on and the counter counts. Similarly, use a normal TV remote and press the power button of the remote and see if the counter responds or increases the count on every press on the remote.

Step 2: Test the Infrared Transmitter Module

After testing the photoresistor and infrared sensor of the counter module, test the infrared transmitter module by powering it up with a 9V battery. As soon as you connect the battery, it will turn on the red LED. Point the transparent infrared LED towards the infrared sensor on the counter module and obstruct the ray falling on the sensor. It should increase the count on the counter module.

The infrared transmitter module generates infrared rays at 38Khz.

Step 3: Test the Counter With Laser Module

Power up the laser module with a 5V DC adapter. Point the laser light on to the photoresistor. As soon as the laser light illuminates the photoresistor, the NE555 gets into the monostable mode and turns on the 3mm LED present on the counter module. Make sure that the laser light remains fixed and continuously illuminates the photoresistor. Move your hand or any object to obstruct the light, the counter will increase the count.



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