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Description: www.eefreelancer.com is a job board for electronics experts and engineers. On this website, employers post their jobs, workers/freelancers post their resumes. Freelancers can go to the job listing page and apply for the job and the employers can view resumes and hire them.

Your job: 

For Employers: For now, you have to copy paste or rewrite the job listings from different websites and write on EEfreelancer.com job page.

These are the websites you have to copy from :

You have to copy all the jobs published in May.

  1. jobs.adafruit.com
  2. http://jobs.arduinoexperts.com/
  3. https://www.arduino.cc/en/Careers/Home

For Freelancers:

You have to send this email to Electronics freelancers available on freelancer.com, jobs.adafruit.com(highlighted as skills offered), upwork.com, fiverr.com or any other website(you will get people if you search online). The email will be a request to SIGN UP on our website.

This is the email you have to write from your email ID: james@eefreelancer.com


Would you like to post about your electronics skills at EEFreelancer.com ? EEfreelancer.com is a job board dedicated to electronics experts/engineers. It is owned and operated by a team of engineers who operate www.buildcircuit.com and www.buildcircuit.com.au.

BuildCircuit.com team is connected with thousands of customers worldwide and a rapidly growing electronics company established in Sydney, Australia. Many customers frequently inquire BuildCircuit for custom electronic projects. Our business model does not allow us to work on those projects, so, we developed EEfreelancer.com to connect our customers with freelancers. The job board is completely FREE. There will be no middleman, you won’t have to pay any commission and we do not interfere in any of your projects.

After you post your resume, we will forward it to our customers whenever they ask for custom electronic projects. Besides, we are requesting the customers to sign up as employers so that they can directly contact the right freelancer.

BuildCircuit.com is a rapidly growing electronics company established in Sydney, Australia. Our growth depends upon our network of freelancers who work from different parts of the world. We are also constantly hiring electronic experts for most of our PCB design and Arduino related projects. So, we could also be one of your clients in the future 🙂 .

You are free to submit your links to your profile pages on freelancer.com, fiverr.com, upwork.com or any other similar freelancing websites.

Let’s come together and build a network of electronics experts. Looking forward to see your resume on eefreelancer.com 🙂

Sign up here: https://www.eefreelancer.com/submit-resume/





How to find freelancers ?

www.freelancer.com– for example, https://www.freelancer.com.au/u/sagarda7.html


Popular Keywords to find freelancers or employers:

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Electronics Assembly, Electronic Projects, Eagle Cad, PCB design,