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  • Resembles Netflix’s Squid Game’s ‘Red Light Green Light’ game.
  • Set timer from 1:00 to 5:00 minutes
  • Play rule of the game
  • Comes with a motion sensor. It detects motion but cannot tell specifically which player moved.
  • Comes fully assembled or as do-it-yourself(DIY) kit
  • Comes with three RGB LEDs. Turns on RED when the device plays ‘RED LIGHT’ and turns on GREEN when the device plays ‘GREEN LIGHT’.
  • There is a sticker of the scary doll that you can stick to a cardboard and glue it to the servo.
  • Servo moves the sticker backward and forward. You can buy a doll separately and stick it to the servo.
  • Play with friends and family to get the feel of ‘Squid Game Red Light Green Light’
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This project is called SQUIDUINO and it resembles ‘Squid Game’s Red Light Green Light’ game. This project is sold as fully assembled or as a DIY kit. I have named it SQUIDUINO, a combination of Squid Game and Arduino :).

Yes, this kit is Arduino-based. I redesigned this DIY Arduino kit to build this project. The major parts of SQUIDUINO are:

  • PIR Motion sensor
  • MP3 player with 2GB microSD card. The 2GB microSD card comes with 8 sounds to give you a feel of Squid Game. Download the sounds here: With Gunshot and With Guitar
  • 0.56″ TM1637 display module working as a countdown timer

Other supporting components are:

  • Buzzer
  • 3 x RGB LEDs
  • Speaker
  • Buttons

The device is fully programmable, you will need an FTDI basic breakout board to program it. The sketch will be available to customers to modify and upgrade the project. You can use the Arduino IDE software to program the kit.

A doll sticker is included in the package. You can stick it to cardboard and glue it to the servo.

Fully Assembled kit: Those who buy a fully assembled version of this project just need to buy a 9V-1A AC to DC power supply. You may have to get a glue gun to stick the doll sticker/ doll to the servo.

Do-it-yourself kit: The DIY kit package comes with all the components required to build the device. You will also need to buy a 9V-1A AC to DC power supply to operate the kit. You may have to get a glue gun to stick the doll sticker/doll to the servo.

All the components required to build the project are included in the package

How to play?

  • Step 1: Power up SQUIDUINO with a 9V-1A power supply.
  • Step 2: As soon as SQUIDUINO is powered on, press RESET.
  • Step 3: Press the RULE switch to play the rule of the game.
  • Step 4: Press SET_TIMER. You can play from 1:00 -5:00 minutes.
  • Step 5: Press Start.
  • Step 6: If anything goes wrong while playing, you can press STOP and Press Start to restart the game.

The motion sensor used in this project is not so reliable, it does not work like the Squid Game sensor, so, you will have to pick the ‘moving’ player yourself.

What’s not in this project?

This project does not have a camera. It has a basic PIR motion sensor that can sense motion like any other motion detectors. It cannot specifically point out the players like in Squid Game Series. Motion detector also has a range. It can detect up to 3 meters only. The device is made just for fun that you can play at home during a party. Kids can also play this game (you can remove the gunshot sound). The good thing is that the doll sticker/ doll turns around when it plays GREEN LIGHT/RED LIGHT that can excite children.

Documents and downloads:

  1. Used Sounds: With Gunshot    With Guitar
  2. Fritzing drawing– Wiring Diagram
  3. Parts used in the project
  4. Arduino Sketch for this TM1637 module– Open squidGame.ino.
  5. Assembly images on Flickr
  6. Schematic

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

1. Can we remove or change the gunshot sound?

Yes, you can easily do that by removing the gunshot sound from the MicroSD card. For your convenience, there are two sets of sound: With Gunshot and  With Guitar. With the gunshot set, you will hear a gunshot and with the guitar set, you will hear a guitar sound in place of the gunshot.

2. Is the speaker loud enough?

Yes, the speaker’s sound is loud enough to be heard in a room.

3. Can it detect specific players as in the Squid Game series?

No, it cannot detect specific players. It has a basic motion sensor. It can detect motion but it cannot tell which player moved. Motion detector also has a range. It can detect up to 3 meters only.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 168 × 54 × 2.8 cm

Fully Assembled, Do it yourself(DIY) Kit

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