SmartPhone Controlled light Dimmer – LazyBone Dimmer Wi-Fi

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This LazyBone dimmer is a smart dimmer that has integrated a microcontroller and a powerful Wi-Fi module.

Your phone can control the lamp inside your house or outdoor up to a distance of your Wi-Fi coverage.

It supports both Android and iOS. Communication Medium: Wi-Fi

Simply connect your lamp to this device and pair it up with your phone and control the lamp.

When you connect your lamp with it, you can dim the light using your Android/iOS smartphone or a computer.

It comes with 2 ports for AC input and 2 dimmer ports for AC output. It is compatible with AC 100-240V 50/60Hz which makes it usable worldwide.

After you connect this Lazybone device to your smartphone, you will see a virtual knob on the app user interface. Rotating the virtual knob will change voltage at the dimmer ports. Dimming of light will also appear as the voltage level changes.

Note: This dimmer can only work with incandescent bulb. It does not work with LED bulb or fluorescent lamp. However, it can be used as an ON/OFF switch for every kinds of lamp.

Software Installation:

It has 2 basic versions: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

This is the Wi-Fi version. If you want a Bluetooth LazyBone, click here.

We provide free Android/iOS APP for you to control it. You can control multiple Lazybones using one APP.

How to use the software:1. Open the app, if your phone’s WiFi is not turned on, it will prompt a message to turn it on.

2. Android: Click the Menu and then ‘Connect device’. Input the Lazybone Dimmer IP and port number (default 2000). When you first time connect your lamp, you can assign a name for it. For example: “Room”.

iPhone: Click the TINYOS logo and enter the Lazybone Dimmer IP and port number (default 2000).

3. Now you can control the lamp by turning it on/off by pressing the on/off button on the left corner and adjusting the light by rotating the knob.

Wiring Diagram

We also provide a very simple command set for developers developing their own App. The Lazybone operates with an easy command set as described in the table below:

Command (Hex) Action
5B 00 0D Get lamp states – sends 2 bytes back to the controller: ‘on/off state’+’light value’

on/off state: 0-OFF, 1-ON

light value:  0x00-0xFF,   0x00- Brightest, 0xFF- Darkest

67 xx 0D xx – light value. 0x00-0xFF,   0x00- Brightest, 0xFF- Darkest
65 00 0D Turn on Lamp
6F 00 0D Turn off  Lamp

  • AC 100-240 working voltage
  • 50/60Hz auto detecting
  • Max Load: 400W
  • Network control
  • Gentle gradient light
  • Dimension: 80x49x31(mm)
  • Support Android: Above V2.2
  • Support IOS 5 6 7


Are you in Australia looking for masks?