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Solo Electronics Exhibition by Sagar Sapkota

Concept and presentation by: Sagar Sapkota  (contact)

 In 2007, after completing my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, I could not find any job. Neither any company nor engineering colleges recognized my skill. Then, I decided to organize an electronics exhibition to demonstrate my electronics skill to companies and engineering colleges. I had made around 20 devices when I was a student at Kantipur Engineering College. After college, I spent around 3 months to built approximately 30 new devices.

Then, in June 2007, a company called Global Exposition and Management Services invited me to present some devices on an exhibition they were organizing at that time. I proposed them the idea of solo electronics exhibition and they immediately agreed to it.

I went to my former higher secondary school V.S.Niketan to ask for help. The college immediately responded to my request and called 60 bright students to assist me in the exhibition. I trained the students for 10 days and gave them short descriptions about my devices. I was also supported by my engineering college and some companies agreed to put their advertisements on my exhibition hall, so, I was paid some money for that.

The exhibition ran for 3 days from June 7 till June 9, 2007. The exhibition was very successful and it gave me a huge media recognition. Right after the exhibition, I was a offered job at Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) and Kantipur Engineering College. I worked in NAST for 8 months and went to Kantipur Engineering College to teach a basic electronics course to its electronics engineering students. The course was titled “LDR Engineering”.

My teaching experience at Kantipur Engineering College

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