This kit package includes:

1 x 4 Channel USB/Wireless Relay Module

1 x Wi-Fi Wireless module

1 x DS18B20 waterproof sensor

1 x Mini USB cable

You can easily control this relay module by your computer using Wi-Fi.

Description: This USB/Wireless relay module allows a computer to control the switching of external devices by using the USB port of your computer.

It has a wireless extension port that can work with XBee or Bluetooth Bee or Wifly modules, which means now you can control your device by Zigbee or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The TOSR0x module can be powered by USB bus or DC power and provides two-volt free contact relay outputs with a current rating of up to 10 Amp each.

It also has a DS18B20 temperature sensor port. You can use it to make your thermostat or any other similar application by yourself.

Relay power rating
If the relay is used at a voltage or current exceeding this specification, the life of the contacts may be significantly shortened.

A full datasheet for the relays used on the TOSR0x is here: G5LA datasheet

If you use DC Power, the Input voltage should be DC 5V.

First Step – Install the Driver
The TOSR04-T module uses FT232RL USB to UART chip . Before using the TOSR04-T you will need to download the FT232RL Driver.

Connect the TOSR04-T and windows will detect it and ask for the drivers. Point windows to the inf folder and it will install the driver.

The TOSR04-T will now appear as a com port.

The TOSR04-T operates with an easy to use command set as described in the table below.

TOSR04-T Baud rate : 9600

Test program 
To get the TOSR04-T up and running in the minimum amount of time we have put together an example program to demonstrate the functionality of the module.

WIFI control


Documents: Download all directly



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