Why PCBWay is the best PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

As an electronics engineer, we often run into a situation, you have a new product idea and designed the circuit schematic, but feel overwhelmed if you could build a prototype, purchase components and assemble it yourself.

Considering everyone’s needs, here we recommend you the most suitable PCB manufacturing and assembly company PCBWay.

About PCBWay: PCBWay is a Chinese manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience in PCB prototype and assembly service. Their excellent service wins wide reputation from engineers all around the world. The following are the few reasons why we recommend PCBWay Assembly Service:

  1. PCB Assembly service only $88/10 pcs and Free Shipping

To help more electronic enthusiasts build projects at a lower price, PCBWay decided to drop the assembly price to $88/10pcs along with free stencils.

In addition to the excellent assembly service, they have added a production line last month to upgrade their assembly service.

A new event was held this month at PCBWay—-Free Shipment for Assembly Order

2. Crowd funding project will enjoy 6% off up to $300

Kickstarter.com’s mission is “Bring your project to life”. That can’t be better if you could bring project to life at a lower price. In order to help creators, artists, engineers and overall all electronics enthusiasts, any crowd-funding project that get assembled in PCBWay will enjoy 6% off (up to $300).

For detailed information check here:

  1. Component quality assurance and quick delivery

As we mentioned before, PCBWay added a new production line to upgrade their Assembly service.

The components they purchased are all original from Digikey, Mouser, etc. It will help you avoid losses due to the use of bad quality components. On top of that, all assembled PCBs will be delivered within the guaranteed delivery time.

4. Perfect After-Sales Service

This is the most prominent service of PCBWay. There is an after-sales service channel on PCBWay background system. If you are not satisfied with the PCB quality or service, you can make a complaint directly and their after-sales team will respond to you within 24 hours.

Above all, if you need PCB assembly service, just try PCBWay.

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