MotorAir – Bluetooth Dual Motor Driver Smartphone Remote Control Kit

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This is a Bluetooth MotorAir kit that includes:

  • 1 x MotorAir Board
  • 1 x BluetoothBee Wireless module
  • 1 x Mini USB cable

We also provide a FREE APP. You can control your device by your phone very easily.

MotorAir Description:

This is MotorAir, a USB based dual motor driver board. It allows your computer to control two DC motors by using the USB port of your computer.

It has a wireless extension port that can work with XBee or Bluetooth Bee or WiFiBee module which means now you can control your DC motors by ZigBee or Bluetooth or WiFi.

The MotorAir board can be powered by USB bus or DC power and provides two motor driver ports can drive up to 2 amps per channel. You can control two DC 5-24V motors forward or backward. You can control the motor speed.

*USB port can output 5V/500mA maximum current. If you want to drive a big motor or your motor working voltage exceeds 5V, please use external DC power supply.

First Step – Install the Driver

The MotorAir board uses FT232RL USB to UART chip. Before using the MotorAir you will need to download the FT232RL Driver.

Connect the MotorAir and windows will detect it and ask for the drivers. Point windows to the inf folder and it will install the driver.

The  MotorAir will now appear as a com port.

The MotorAir operates with an easy to use command set as described in the table below.

* For example: Drive motor A full speed forward. Send command :  0x64 0xFF

Test program
To get the MotorAir up and running in the minimum amount of time we have put together an example program to demonstrate the functionality of the module.



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