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NE555 and Arduino for interactive sound production

This project shows a combination of analog and digital circuits ready for interactive sound production! The project uses Arduino and NE555. Parts used in this...

DIY ZIF Arduino programmer

It is just another 'build your own Arduino' project. BuildCircuit has worked on similar projects before. The most popular project is DIY...

Fully assembled clap switch for 100-220V AC light bulbs

This fully assembled sound/clap operated switch can be used for turning on your 100-240V AC light bulbs. Usually, we use a clap switch to...

How to use the fully assembled clap switch

We are now selling fully assembled CLAP SWITCH. Click here to visit the product page.  If you have come to this page from a search...

5 beginners projects that work in the first attempt

Just started electronics ? And you don't know any engineering behind your projects and you are afraid of failure ? Then, this article can...

Basic Electronic Projects

OR-gate realization

Remote Tester

Multivibrator module

Clap switch

Water Level Indicator

Basic RC circuit