Bluetooth Audio Amplifiers

2 x 8 Watt Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board – TSA2110A 01
2 x 8 Watt Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier – TSA3510
2 x 8 Watt Bluetooth Stereo Audio Amplifier Board – TSA2110B (TWS/Apt-X)
2 x 8 Watt Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Kit – TSA2210
2 x 20W Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board – TSA9840B (TWS/Apt-X)
2 x 20W Class D Bluetooth Audio Amplifier Board – TSA9840

How does an FM transmitter DIY Kit work

A single-transistor FM transmitter DIY kit is a simple electronic circuit that allows you to broadcast an audio signal wirelessly using frequency modulation (FM). Such kits are popular among electronics enthusiasts and hobbyists due to their simplicity and educational value. Let’s break down the working of a typical single-transistor FM transmitter: Components: Transistor: The heart…

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Single digit common anode up and down counters/drivers for seven segments displays

Main points: Seven segment displays are available in different sizes. We have designed six different drivers for COMMON ANODE seven-segment displays. The drivers are available for 1.2″, 1.8", 2.3″, 3″, 4″, and 5″ seven-segment displays. The single-digit drivers work with SCORE1, SCORE2, and SCORE3 modules of Scoreduino app. The module can be triggered with NE555,...
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Unveiling the Power of Open Source Hardware: A Collaborative Innovation Frontier

Introduction In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements and a growing emphasis on collaboration, open source principles have transcended the realm of software and made an indelible mark on hardware development. Open source hardware (OSH) represents a paradigm shift in innovation, fostering a community-driven approach that democratizes access to technology and enables a more…

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LUX Meter project has been design to measure the illumination.  Illumination is luminous flux falling on surface area of photo diode.  This illumination converted to corresponding voltage using Op-Amp circuit. SPECIFICATIONS Supply 9 VDC PP3 Battery @ 20 mA  Onboard Photo Diode  Onboard preset for calibration  Range selection via jumper 10mV/LUX, 1mV/LUX, 0.1mV/LUX  Interfacing is…

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This project is a sound-activated switch. DESCRIPTION Clap switch/Sound-activated switch designed around op-amp, flip-flop, and popular 555 IC. Switch avoids false triggering by using a 2-clap sound. Clapping sound is received by a microphone, the microphone changes the sound wave to an electrical wave which is further amplified by the op-amp. 555 timer IC acts…

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This project is an automatic PIR sensor. DESCRIPTION Project is based on Holtek’s IC HT7610A, which is a CMOS LSI chip designed for use in automatic PIR lamp, flash or buzzer control. It can operate in 3-wire configuration for relay applications.  In our project we have used relay instead of Traic to connect any kind…

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