SMD DIY Kit NE555 Oscillator CD4017 LED Chaser Circuit


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This is a simple CD4017 and NE555 based LED chaser, an SMD DIY kit. This kit is mainly for practicing SMD soldering. The kit comes with 10pcs of 3mm RED LED. Not all the components are SMD, some components like LED and variable resistor are through-hole components.

The package includes everything that you need to build an SMD LED chaser practice kit: 
  1. 10 x 3mm LED
  2. 10 x 1k SMD resistor
  3. 1 x 50k variable resistor
  4. 1 x SMD NE555
  5. 1 x SMD CD4017
  6. 2 x 1uF SMD capacitors
  7. 1 x 2k SMD resistor
  8. 1 x 10K variable resistor



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