TSA1000 Digital Audio Volume Controller

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TSA1000 is a Bluetooth/Single-ended audio volume controller. It can work with our TSA7499 Bluetooth audio amplifier board and control the audio volume by rotating a real knob.

Either the Bluetooth audio source or cable input (Single-ended) audio source can be adjusted by the small knob.

It has a single-ended audio source in port, a single-ended audio source output port, and a Bluetooth audio volume control port. The audio out signal will increase/decrease when the user rotates the knob. Bluetooth audio volume control port will also output an increase/decrease in the control signal.


Port name Pin name Direction Description
Audio In GND
R Analog In Audio in
L Analog In Audio in
Audio Out GND
R Analog Out Audio out, connect to amplifier board
L Analog Out Audio out, connect to amplifier board
Bluetooth control 5V
INC Digital Out Bluetooth audio volume +
DEC Digital Out Bluetooth audio volume –
SEL Digital In Bluetooth/Single-ended select


0-Single-ended select

TSA7499 with TSA1000 external volume control board


  • Size: 5cm x 3.8cm
  • Bluetooth audio volume control
  • Singal-ended audio volume control
  • An external audio volume knob
  • Working voltage: DC 5V


  • Personal computer
  • Background music system
  • Musical instrument amplifiers
  • Home DIY
  • Car audio

Package includes: 1 x TSA1000 Digital Audio Volume Controller

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