USBi JTAG Sigma DSP programmer

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This USBi JTAG Sigma DSP programmer can use to programming SigmaDSP series digital signal processing chips. It can works with the ADI SigmaStudio software. The senior developer can use this programmer develop their own firmware for the DSP board. You can use it programming our TSA1701 DSP board or any other DSP board which use SigmaDSP chip.

Support all SigmaDSP series DSP chips:

  • ADAU17xx series(example: ADAU1701, ADAU1702, ADAU1761, ADAU1781, ADAU1772, ADAU1777 ect..),
  • ADAU14xx series(example:ADAU1401, ADAU1461 ect..)
  • ADAU144x series(example:ADAU1442, ADAU1445, ADAU1446 ect..)
  • ADAU145x series(example:ADAU1450, ADAU1451, ADAU1452 ect..)
  • ADAU146x series
  • AD194x series(example:AD1940, AD1941 ect..)
  • DAU series(example:SSM25xx, ADAU19xx, ADAU13xx, ADAV4xx, AD193x, AD195x ect..)


  • 3.3V logic level
  • USB to SPI/i2C
  • 5V power output


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