5 beginners projects that work in the first attempt


Just started electronics ? And you don’t know any engineering behind your projects and you are afraid of failure….then just read this article.

Usually, success in initial projects plays important role in electronics amateurs and engineering students’ career. Many students quit electronics because they fail in their first, second projects. After few failures, student keep a misconception that electronic projects working today might not work tomorrow. Thus, I recommend beginners to start with those projects which will work in your first attempt and gives inspiration from your own work.

All the recommended projects have been tested by several students and most of them succeed in their first attempt. Before you proceed, you should know how to use a breadboard. If you don’t know, get one and work on it. Here are the links for learning how to use a breadboard:



The 5 projects for beginners:

a. An automatic dark sensor.

Two years ago, I had published a video on youtube that shows all the steps required for making a dark sensor. I am sure that the video will help you and it should work in your first attempt.

b. Dark sensor using two transistors.

This is a very interesting circuit. You can make several other circuits with this small project, for example, a clap switch.You can also use this particular project for testing photodiode and phototransistor or an electret microphone.


You can see one more version of this wonderful project. CLICK HERE

c. A melody generator using UM66

You can make a simple melody generator using UM66/ BT66. This project should also work in your first attempt.

d. A clap switch

I made this clap switch two years ago and published detailed steps on youtube. It is one of the most watched videos of buildcircuit.com. I am sure that if you carefully follow the steps, your project will work.


e. Basic remote tester

This infrared based remote tester also works in your first attempt. It is extremely simple and easy- to- make project. You can test this Infrared circuit using a normal TV/DVD remote.

After you make these 5 projects, you can try other projects published on MINIBREAD page.

Best of luck!

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  1. Excellent article. I was looking for something like this. My first project just worked at first attempt. Thanks a lot.