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It is a very simple experiment for Arduino amateurs, kids and beginners. It needs two LEDs, one LDR (Light Dependent Resistor), one tactile switch...

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With this project/application, you can make a light sensor dependent lamp. You can make a light sensor or dark sensor with this application. The light...

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Description: This versatile 741 operational amplifier module can be used for making a dark detector using an LDR, a photo transistor and a photo...

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Description: In this clap switch we use three different modules given below. It is necessary to make these three modules in order to make...

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Description: LM358 is also one of the types of operational amplifier. LM358 consists of two independent, high-gain, frequency-compensated operational amplifiers designed to operate from a...

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Description: In the monostable mode, the 555 works as a "one-shot" pulse generator.  Other applications of monostable mode include timers, pulse-width modulation (PWM), missing pulse detection,...

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Here's a simple light activated police siren using light dependent resistor and NE555 timer. Before you make this project, I would recommend you to...

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Here's a simple experiment with LDR and CD4093. This is just a modification of a previous project "dark sensor using 2 transistors". In this...

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This works same as the other dark detector circuit. When light is falling on LDR, its low resistance drives transistor Q1-BC547 into conduction. This...

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Light operated switch works with NE555 timer and light dependent resistor. It uses relay and toggle switch idea for operation.

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When you press an infrared transmitter or normal TV remote control near TSOP1738 infrared sensor, the 555 timer configured in monostable mode gets triggered.

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For the circuit to work as light operated musical bell, we need to connect the SW1- switch to N/C terminal of relay. LDR has to be kept in a dark case.

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A dark sensor can be converted to a simple FM transmitter using the following components. This FM transmitter is very sensitive and it has transmitting range of 30 meters.

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An automatic dark sensor can be made using a PNP transistor(BC557).

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In this case, LDR has been replaced with capacitor C1-0.01uF and resistor R3-1K has been replaced with L1 & VC1. In place of a LED, a Piezo Diaphragm has been kept. We just need to add inductor, capacitor and a piezo diaphragm to convert a dark detector to an AM radio.

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To make an object counter we can use a simple dark detector circuit and a normal calculator. Pole and NO (Normally Open) terminals of a relay have to be connected to the two pins which are used to activate ‘=’ key of calculator. As we block the light falling on LDR, the calculator starts counting. For the calculator to work as a counter, we first need to press ‘1’ and ‘+’ keys.

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