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Tag: 555 timer

Latch-up circuit using 555 and opto-coupler

Here's a simple latch-up circuit using 555 timer and opto-coupler MCT2E. You can also use PC817 in place of MCT2E.  The NE555 timer is...

Toggle switch using 555

Description: The following circuit works as a toggle switch. The circuit has two stable states, ON and OFF. Once it is ON, it remains ON...


MINIBREAD is a simple technique of making electronic projects on mini breadboard. I have published basic electronic projects keeping electronic amateurs and students in...

Astable mode of 555 timer

Description: Astable mode of 555 timer is used to generate pulses at regular interval. READ ABOUT ASTABLE MODE.  The following schematic has been taken from...

Monostable module

Description: In the monostable mode, the 555 works as a "one-shot" pulse generator.  Other applications of monostable mode include timers, pulse-width modulation (PWM), missing pulse detection,...

FREE 555 timer simulators for electronics beginners

All of us know that NE555(or other versions) is a versatile IC for building big and small projects. Recently, I found some free simulators...

Light activated police siren using 555 timer and light dependent resistor(LDR)

Here's a simple light activated police siren using light dependent resistor and NE555 timer. Before you make this project, I would recommend you to...

Flasher circuit using NE555 timer- Basic electronic project

This flasher circuit is bit different from other flasher circuits published on buildcircuit.com.

Blinker using arduino and NE555 timer IC

Make blinker using arduino as well as NE555 timer IC.

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