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Tag: Light dependent resistor

LDR based line following robot using Arduino and Ardumoto

DOWNLOAD THIS PROJECT AND READ IN PDF Let's start with the list of components required for making an LDR based line following robot. 1 . Arduino-...

An experiment with LDR and Arduino

It is a very simple experiment for Arduino amateurs, kids and beginners. It needs two LEDs, one LDR (Light Dependent Resistor), one tactile switch...

Amarino project- Arduino and Android based light sensor

With this project/application, you can make a light sensor dependent lamp. You can make a light sensor or dark sensor with this application. The light...

Light dependent blinker using LDR and CD4093

Here's a simple experiment with LDR and CD4093. This is just a modification of a previous project "dark sensor using 2 transistors". In this...

Dark sensor using two transistors

This works same as the other dark detector circuit. When light is falling on LDR, its low resistance drives transistor Q1-BC547 into conduction. This...

Basic RC circuit

For the circuit to work as light operated musical bell, we need to connect the SW1- switch to N/C terminal of relay. LDR has to be kept in a dark case.

Dark sensor using BC557

An automatic dark sensor can be made using a PNP transistor(BC557).

AM receiver from dark sensor

In this case, LDR has been replaced with capacitor C1-0.01uF and resistor R3-1K has been replaced with L1 & VC1. In place of a LED, a Piezo Diaphragm has been kept. We just need to add inductor, capacitor and a piezo diaphragm to convert a dark detector to an AM radio.

Dark Sensor using 741

We can see how can we make heat sensor from dark sensor.

Building a circuit on a breadboard

A breadboard is a device for testing temporary electronics projects. Components used to test a circuit can be reused for other projects. None of the components are damaged. Almost all people start to learn electronics using breadboard because it is the simplest way of making circuit. The photograph shows a typical small breadboard which is suitable for beginners building simple circuits with one or two ICs (chips).

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