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Assembly tutorial- FM transmitter DIY kit

If you have to come to this page directly from a search site, please go to this article first. This is the second article...

How to make a batteryless (crystal set) radio

CRYSTAL SET The simplest radio receiver, known as a Crystal Set, consists of nothing more than a coil, tuning capacitor, diode detector, and a pair of earphones. A...

How to use electret microphone

An electret is a permanently charged dielectric. It is made by heating a ceramic material, placing it in a magnetic field then allowing it...

How to make an FM transmitter

  After getting several comments from young electronic students , I am rewriting this article to make the FM transmitter making process more clear. This tutorial...

FM transmitter and Dark sensor

A dark sensor can be converted to a simple FM transmitter using the following components. This FM transmitter is very sensitive and it has transmitting range of 30 meters.

AM receiver from dark sensor

In this case, LDR has been replaced with capacitor C1-0.01uF and resistor R3-1K has been replaced with L1 & VC1. In place of a LED, a Piezo Diaphragm has been kept. We just need to add inductor, capacitor and a piezo diaphragm to convert a dark detector to an AM radio.

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