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Clap switch using 3 different modules

Description: In this clap switch we use three different modules given below. It is necessary to make these three modules in order to make...

RC module

Description: An RC circuit is used to introduce time delay in circuits. A combination of resistor and capacitor gives a time constant. The following circuit...

Basic remote tester

Description: This circuit can be used for testing your TV, DVD, VCD, etc. remote control. This is the fundamental module for making infrared based...

Multivibrator module

Description: A multivibrator has identical components(capacitors, transistors and resistors) arranged on the left and right hand sides that can be used to implement a variety...

Melody generator using UM66

Description: UM66 or BT66 is a musical IC. The following circuit generates a melody using UM66. This module can be used in a number of...

Basic RC circuit

For the circuit to work as light operated musical bell, we need to connect the SW1- switch to N/C terminal of relay. LDR has to be kept in a dark case.

Mode of NE555- Astable

This circuit has been configured in Astable mode. The output pulses are determined by the values of resistors R1, R2 and the timing capacitor C1. The formula for the frequency of pulses is: f= 1.44/[(R1+2R2)*C1].

Sound generator and Musical toy organ

One of the main objectives of LDR Engineering projects is to make students capable of developing their own logic for making devices. Here is an example that tells how LDR Engineering helps in developing ideas.

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