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DOWNLOAD IN PDF- LINE FOLLOWING ROBOT USING ARDUINO AND INFRARED LED This project has been derived from LDR based line following robot. I strongly recommend...

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Description: In this project, Arduino first encodes the remote signals and decodes them to control LED brightness. First of all, connect the Infrared sensor...

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Description:  This project lets you know about Infrared. The LED connected on pin 13 of Arduino toggles each time a remote button is pressed. It...

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Description: An infrared based music transmitter and receiver is made up of three different modules. Test these three modules before you make this project. An...

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Description: An RC circuit is used to introduce time delay in circuits. A combination of resistor and capacitor gives a time constant. The following circuit...

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Description: This circuit can be used for testing your TV, DVD, VCD, etc. remote control. This is the fundamental module for making infrared based...

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MINIBREAD is a simple technique of making electronic projects on mini breadboard. I have published basic electronic projects keeping electronic amateurs and students in...

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This project is similar to the following projects: 1. ON and OFF LED using infrared sensor 2. PWM experiment using infrared sensor For this particular and the...

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Learn how to use UM66 or BT66

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This article is about remote operated musical bell using UM3481. The M348X series IC is a mask-ROM-programmed multi melody generator , implemented by CMOS technology. It...

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The M348X series IC is a mask-ROM-programmed multi melody generator , implemented by CMOS technology.It is designed to play the melody according to the previously...

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Light operated switch works with NE555 timer and light dependent resistor. It uses relay and toggle switch idea for operation.

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When you press an infrared transmitter or normal TV remote control near TSOP1738 infrared sensor, the 555 timer configured in monostable mode gets triggered.

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Remote operated musical bell can be made combining the following circuits. a) Remote tester b) Basic RC circuit c) Simple Musical bell When a remote is pressed, the circuit plays a music. a) Remote tester

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