Remote operated musical bell is one of the interesting experiments every electronics hobbyist would like to make. We have made a very simple remote-operated musical bell DIY kit that requires your half an hour labor to make it work. It uses CD4017 decade counter, UM66 or BT66 musical chip and TSOP4838 infrared sensor as its important components.

Basic soldering skill is enough to build the kit and it can be operated with any remote that you use for your TV, DVD, etc. The kit has a TSOP4838 infrared receiver/sensor that gets activated at 38 Khz infrared rays. It has an 8 Ohm speaker and a BT66 music chip that generates music for a duration set by the RC network on the circuit.

You will need a 6V to 9V power supply(battery) to operate the kit. Connect a battery to the kit and press any switch of your remote control close to the kit, it simply starts playing a piece of music.


  • Uses UM66/BT66 musical IC
  • Uses TSOP4838, a highly reliable infrared sensor
  • Can be operated with any kind of remote control- use a TV/DVD/VCD remote control


How to use the kit ?

To play: Direct your remote control towards the TSOP4838 Infrared sensor and press whichever remote key you like. LED2 remains ON and LED1 remains OFF when the music is played.

To stop: Press any key again, the circuit will stop playing the music. LED1 remains ON and LED2 remains OFF when the music is stopped.

It comes as a pack of parts kit and can be easily assembled if you follow the silkscreen indicators(labels) and have beginning experience with a soldering iron. You will need to read the resistor bands or use a multimeter to determine the resistor sizes.

Watch the video below:

The package includes 27pcs electronic components: 

  • 1 x PCB for the remote operated musical bell
  • 4 x 1K ohm resistors (Code: Brown- Black- Red)
  • 2 x 220 Ohm resistors (Code: Red-Red-Brown)
  • 1 x 100K Ohm resistor (Code: Brown- Black- Yellow)
  • 1 x 100 Ohm resistor (Code: Brown- Black- Brown)
  • 2 x 0.1uF ceramic capacitors (code: 104)
  • 1 x CD4017 decade counter
  • 1 x 16 pin DIL socket for CD4017 decade counter
  • 1 x UM66 or BT66 musical chip. We may send any of these. These are equivalent chips and can be interchanged. Does not affect the experiment at all.
  • 1 x TO-92 package 5V regulator (SF1-RK2-12)
  • 1 x BC547 transistor
  • 1 x BC557 transistor
  • 3 x 5mm LED- Can be in any color
  • 1 x 100uF electrolytic capacitor
  • 1 x TSOP4838, a 38KHz infrared sensor
  • 1 x 3.3V zener diode
  • 1 x Thin speaker
  • 1 x SPDT switch
  • 1 x screw terminal
  • 1 x 9V battery connector

NOTE: The package does not include a battery.

View all the assembly images of the kit. You can view all the images on Flickr also.