10 reasons why NEXTPCB is the first choice of PCB designers

Designing a PCB or a circuit board takes a lot of hard work. The success of a project not only depends upon the PCB designer but also on the PCB manufacturer. NEXTPCB is one of the trustworthy companies that meet the standards required to manufacture high-quality PCBs as well as offer quality assembly services for 1 to 12 layers PCBs.

NEXTPCB is the best manufacturer for both beginners and professionals. Buildcircuit.com orders most of its PCBs from NEXTPCB and we have so far received the best PCB and assembly service from the company.

NEXTPCB is one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers in China, has specialized in the PCB and assembly industry for over 15 years. Not only could NextPCB provide the most innovative printed circuit boards and assembly technologies in the highest quality standards, the fastest delivery turnaround as fast as 24 hours, the lowest manufacturer direct prices, and the most dedicated customer service in the industry, but NextPCB could also provide turnkey service without a broker including components sourcing, PCB prototyping/PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, quality testing, and the final shipment. Certainly, NextPCB could meet your needs from PCB prototyping to small PCB production or mass PCB production.

Here are the 10 points why we are recommending NEXTPCB.COM.

1. Trial PCB order:

If you are just starting out and want to get the first experience of designing a PCB, you can visit the website NEXTPCB.COM and order for a PCB. It costs $0 (Yes! FREE) for the trial order, you only need to pay the shipping fee. You can get a PCB with 1-2 layers, up to 5-10pcs, and the maximum size is 100*100mm. Trial PCBs have Green Solder Mask and White Silkscreen. This is the best option for hobbyists who want to test their ideas.

2. NEXTPCB offers a one-stop solution for PCB manufacturing and assembly:

This one company offers both PCB manufacturing and assembly services. After a project is successfully tested, one can use the service of Nextpcb.com to order assembled circuit boards. Currently, NextPCB.COM is offering the cheapest assembly service. The assembly cost for 5 pcs board is just $7.00. The company also sources components for its customers.

3. PCBs are UL, ISO, IATF, RoHS and REACH certified:

All the PCBs manufactured at NextPCB are UL, ISO, IATF, RoHS and REACH certified. Most of the PCBs designed for the Arduino community should be RoHS certified. The company offers all the standards used worldwide.

4. Quick turnaround (as fast as 24 hours lead time):

If you need the PCBs quickly, NEXTPCB can manufacture and ship with 24 hours. It offers high reliability with its 3 factories. The support offered by NEXTPCB is outstanding. Most of the support queries are responded to within 2 hours and helped by professional engineers.

This is the example for 10pcs- 2 layers PCB

5. 24 hours live tech support and non-stop production:

Usually, beginners have problems with exporting gerbers of their PCB design files. Nextpcb.com has an excellent 24 hours tech support and they will help you if you any support for extracting Gerber or any suggestion regarding the manufacturing of your PCB.

6. Low MOQ for turnkey PCB assembly service:

NextPCB is the most professional turnkey service provider with excellent manufacturing, sourcing, and assembling circuit boards. It begins with a thorough evaluation of your project, and offer the best solution for the existing problems and work with the customers to provide systematic solutions. As mentioned earlier, NEXTPCB is the one-stop solution for everything related to circuit board manufacturing. Usually, a customer has to deal with different parties to manufacture PCBs, source components, and assembled the circuit boards. NEXTPCB will provide all the resources and a complete in-house fabrication shop, which is necessary to finish a project. From sales to engineers to drafting technicians to fabrication technicians to merchandisers, NEXTPCB can handle every nuance of your PCB project whenever customers need under the guidance of a scientific management system and strict quality control system.

7. Global delivery and on-time shipping with DHL:

NEXTPCB offers not only fast manufacturing but also fast shipping. Usually, our urgent projects are shipped within 24 hours and we receive the PCBs within 4-5 days.

8. Accepts Gerber files created by- Eagle, Altium, Kicad, and Diptrace

A PCB manufacturing company should accept Gerbers created by any PCB design software and NEXTPCB irrespective of any platform accepts the gerber files and if there is any problem, the support team will go beyond to help the designers to extract the Gerber files.

About Gerber Viewer Pro:

NEXTPCB offers a FREE online Gerber Viewer Pro for its users. It automatically inputs the board size, hole, track/spacing, etc. It accepts the Gerber file and PCB file. The file type should only be .rar or .zip, UP TO 40M.

When I uploaded one of my design files, it showed the following details:

And when I clicked the Gerber Viewer, it showed an interactive Gerber Viewer page. I could check and uncheck the files and see the different PCB layers individually. I could check both the bottom and top layers. The PCB image shown on the Gerber Viewer pretty much resembled the manufactured PCB.

9. Order SMT stencils only

If your circuit boards have SMT components and if you want to assemble the components yourself, you would need SMT stencils also.

PCB Stencil Types - PCB

10. The quality is far better than other manufacturers:

Whenever we order PCBs from other companies, we have noticed that the silkscreen labels are not clear and sometimes that bother our customers. With NEXTPCB, that’s never a problem. All the circuit boards manufactured so far have given the best output and we order PCBs regularly from NEXTPCB. Some of the projects are shown below:

BuildCiruit strongly recommends using NEXTPCB. Get a quote today.