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Dark sensor

Description: In the monostable mode, the 555 works as a "one-shot" pulse generator.  Other applications of monostable mode include timers, pulse-width modulation (PWM), missing pulse detection,  touch switches, frequency divider, capacitance measurement, bouncefree switches  and so on.  (more…)
Basic RC circuit Using an RC circuit, we can keep an LED on for specific time as determined by resistors R1, R2 and capacitor C1. As we press the Push-to-On switch, the capacitor C1-1000uF gets charged and it gives biasing voltage to the transistor Q1...
The Darlington transistor (often called a Darlington pair) is a semiconductor device which combines two bipolar transistors in a single device so that the current amplified by the first is amplified further by the second. This configuration gives a high current gain (written β, hfe, or hFE) and can...
Remote tester circuit also resembles the logic of a "dark sensor (using BC557)”. LDR has been replaced with IR sensor TSOP 1738. The circuit works as a remote tester. Pressing a remote control switch near the IR sensor, switches on the LED D2. (more…)
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