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The site is owned and operated by SAGAR SAPKOTA, an Electronics Engineer/ freelancer living in Sydney, Australia.

BuildCircuit is a rapidly growing site among electronics engineers and amateurs. We are experts in making Arduino and basic electronic kits. We also publish articles and support the electronics community.

We have recently decided to accept paid guest posts and review articles for companies all over the world. We are also supporting crowd funding projects via affiliate marketing.

If your company is looking for a place to advertise your product, service or website on this site, you are most welcome. Please click on the links below:

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Spaces: We allow advertisements on the right sidebar right below the GOOGLE ADSENSE BLOCK of our blog. Basically, if there’s an advertising space available, you will see an image with “ADVERTISE HERE” text.

Time: The advertisement fees remain same for one year for the assigned advertisers or sold advertisements and for new advertisers or unsold advertisement spaces, the fees depend upon the ‘new’ number of page views/month.

Types of advertisement:

Image/Text advertisement (300×250)-

Image/Text links advertisements of size 300×250 will appear right below the connect with us- social counter.

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Fee for 12 months: US $ 100/month.

If you want to display your ad for 12 months, your fee will be 100×12= US $ 1200 for 1 year.

Image advertisement(125×125)-

The standard 125×125 ad is shown below. The ad appears below 300×250 ad.


Fee for 12 months: $50/month.

If you want to display your ad for 12 months, your fee will be 50 x 12=US $ 600 for 1 year.

Text Links –

Text (max. 25 characters) links advertisement appear on FAVORITE LINKS widget. The widget appears below the 125×125 ads. New advertisements appear below the older advertisements.

For example, the following image shows that there’s already, a text link: Datasheet Archive. So, if you want to display your ad, it will appear right below Datasheet Archive.


Fee for 12 months: 20/month.

If you want to display your ad for 12 months, your fee will be 12×20= US $ 240 for 1 year.

If you want to place advertisements on other locations, please contact us. Please send your proposal also.

BuildCircuit’s current status is a rapidly growing site. Please see below what google Analytics says:

Statistics on 17th March, 2015

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