BuildCircuit is a unique platform that seamlessly combines an online store with comprehensive electronics project tutorials. Operated from Sydney, Australia, this initiative serves a global audience, shipping its products worldwide. Here are some key details about BuildCircuit:

Business Information:

History: Originating in Finland, BuildCircuit was established there and later continued its operations in Australia.

Objective: BuildCircuit.com represents an open-source initiative dedicated to supporting students and hobbyists interested in creating electronic circuits. Acknowledging the challenges many encounter in electronic project development, the website aims to provide clear and concise tutorials to facilitate quick understanding.

To enhance comprehension, the site leverages various open-source platforms such as Arduino, Amarino, Android, Fritzing, etc. It offers a plethora of FREE and open-source tutorials and projects covering a spectrum from basic electronics to ubiquitous computing.

Business Transition: From March 1, 2012, BuildCircuit transitioned into a sole proprietorship business. Initially supported by a startup grant from Potkuri in Turku, Finland, the website incorporated all the contents from its online stores, www.buildcircuits.com, scoreduino.com and www.buildcircuit.com.au, into BuildCircuit.COM. Our new online store is www.buildcircuits.com.

Owner: Sagar Sapkota is the sole owner and operator of BuildCircuit. While the entire website is managed by one person, there is collaboration with freelancers who contribute regularly to expand the platform.

Ownership of copyright

Copyright Information: The copyright for all materials on the website, including text, artwork, photographs, images, music, audio material, video material, and audio-visual material, is owned by BuildCircuit and Sagar Sapkota.

Arduino Projects Exception: With the exception of Arduino projects, all materials on the website are subject to copyright. Arduino projects are released under a license that allows their use for educational purposes. Sketches can be utilized for non-commercial and educational projects, and while photographs can be used without explicit permission, proper attribution is expected.

Arduino projects have been released under the following license:

Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Read more about ownership of copyright.

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