The fifth anniversary of PCBGOGO

PCBGOGO, established in July 2015, is now celebrating its fifth anniversary. 2020 is an unforgettable year for many people and companies, obviously for depressing reasons 🙁 . There are considerable shocks to the global economy and financial markets because of COVID-19 at the beginning of the year but we believe everything will get better soon. However, in this period of global pandemic, we ought to seek some positivity and the fifth anniversary of PCBGOGO is one of the events we cannot miss.

PCBGOGO has reformed several times in the past five years. It is a growing PCB manufacturer in the changing world. At present, our daily order group quantity exceeds 400 which include more than 3000 PCB and assembly orders, and the sales have increased from $100,000 to $20 million a year. Now we have three PCB manufacturing plants and one PCBA manufacturing plant with over 400 workers.

PCBGOGO may be slightly younger than many other international PCB manufacturers, but it is a professional brand for PCB fabrication and PCB soldering service. The establishment of PCBGOGO was only the beginning of foreign trade. In fact, our factories have been providing PCB manufacturing and assembly services for domestic customers in China for more than ten years.

Factory’s professional technicians and strong PCB manufacturing capabilities made PCBGOGO develop rapidly within five years. We are very proud to provide professional and efficient PCB manufacturing services and PCBA services for electronic enterprises worldwide.

Now, PCBGOGO is one of the most professional small and big volume PCB fabrication and PCB assembly manufacturers in China. Our turnkey services include PCB manufacturing, PCB soldering, components sourcing, testing, and IC programming.

Huge thanks to our partners and customers who trusted us in the past years, we will continuously improve the technical level and manage quality to provide the best services of PCB manufacturing and PCBA manufacturing for global customers in the future. To celebrate the 5th anniversary, PCBGOGO is giving large benefits to its new and regular customers:

  1. Order Discount

As long as your order amount is not less than $30, you have the chance to grab the order discount. And the maximum discount a customer can get is $150, and both PCB fabrication and PCB assembly orders are included in this scheme.

  1. Anniversary Souvenir

Only if your order amount is more than $100, you will have the chance to win a stylish souvenir randomly, it’s a self-made advanced PCB ruler, eco-tote bag and  classcial pen with Chinese elements.

  1. Campaign Sharing Benefit

Anyone who shares the good news (Post or YouTube video) and tag 3 friends will win $5 Coupon. You need to send the screenshot of the shared post and they will get a coupon code.

Congratulations on PCBGOGO’s 5th Anniversary. Let’s celebrate it together and hurry up for their big discount.

Campaign Duration: Aug. 25th – Sep. 25th, 2020

Are you ready to join the celebration and enjoy the benefit? It’s time now.

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