How to Place Your PCB Assembly Order on PCBGOGO?

PCBGOGO, with 10+ Years of experience in the PCB industry, offers turnkey PCB assembly services, including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, components sourcing, functional testing, and IC programming. Quick turn prototype PCB assembly is also their specialty.

In general, the prototype PCB assembly service from PCBGOGO is based on a 2-4 working day delivery term and a small quantity from 1 piece. If your project is urgent, they can provide expedited PCB soldering service within 24 hours. It can be seen that the actual terms offered are completely transparent and available on the completion of their online ‘Instant PCBA quote calculator’, and they’ve got a professional PCB assembly quote system that takes you no efforts to submit inquiry and order.

This following guide is for customers who are going to place the order on PCBGOGO website:

Step 0: Visit PCBGOGO website:

Step 1: Choose the printed circuit board specifications.

Go to the PCB instant quote page, and fill in the necessary PCB data like PCB size and quantity. Other specifications like material, layers, thickness, the color of solder mask and silkscreen, etc, are set default by PCBGOGO, but you can choose them according to your Gerber file.


Step 2: Choose the PCB assembly specifications.

Choose the “Yes for PCB assembly” to fill in the PCB assembly requirements after the PCB specifications are confirmed.

Choose Turnkey, Kitted or Consigned, or Combo PCB assembly service according to your needs.

Fill in the number of PCBs, unique parts, SMD parts, and through-hole parts for the PCBA. Other specifications are default and you can choose the ones according to your needs. Calculate the total cost of PCBs and PCB assembly service.

Step 3: Choose your receipt info and calculate the shipping cost. 

Your email address is required here. After filling in your email address, you need to add the order to your basket.

Step 4: Upload necessary files for the PCB assembly order.

Sign in if you have the PCBGOGO account; Or else you have to register as a PCBGOGO website.

Upload the Gerber file, BOM and Pick and Place file of your PCB assembly order, and then submit your PCB file.

The ordering process is done, and you will get the final quotation within 48 hours.

During the manufacturing process, they will send sample pictures for your confirmation. If you need to test or program, please provide test methods or programming solutions in quoting process.

The files do you need for PCB assembly:

  • PCB Gerber file
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Pick & Place File

How to pay to PCBGOGO?

Once the PCB order passes the audit, customers can choose the shipping method and arrange payment online by PayPal, or choose any other available payment methods such as bank transfer, AliExpress pay, Western Union, and so on. But you have to contact PCBGOGO’s sales representative for further details if you choose these payment methods.

Before paying, please check and make sure the shipping information you provide is correct and accurate, especially the address, city name and the corresponding post code.

Turn-key PCB assembly services from PCBGOGO 

PCBGOGO offers turn-key PCB assembly service including PCB fabrication, component sourcing, and PCB soldering. They can meet your BGA assembly, cable assembly, rigid PCB assembly, flexible PCB assembly, and so on with fast lead-time and minimum order from 1 piece.

In addition, PCBGOGO has a workforce of approximately 400 people. They are a leading specialist in surface-mount, thru-hole, and mixed technology PCB assembly and electronic manufacturing services as well as turn-key electronic PCB assembly. Their 100,000+ customers make PCBGOGO the full turn-key provider for the project from manufacturing to assembly and testing. Through the strong network of well-proven circuit assembly and manufacturing partners, PCBGOGO can provide the higher advanced and nearly limitless capabilities for your prototype or production PCB application.

Why should you choose PCBGOGO? 

  • Fast, Reliable, Affordable
  • 10+ Years experience in PCB and PCBA Service;
  • 3 ISO9001:2015 factories;
  • 100+ skilled engineers;
  • 3000+ Orders per day;
  • UL, RoHS, REACH Certified