4-Layer 5 PCBs cost $5, is JLCPCB crazy?

Once the slogan of ‘$2 for 5 PCBs’ overloaded the entire Youtube, this news for 4-layer PCBs at $5 is like a surprising boom. Some electronic engineers bet that JLCPCB cannot persist for more than 1 month with this offer. They would definitely lose in the bet but at the same time, they will also win because both engineers and the entire electronics community get the benefit.

We do things with confidence

The top-notch automation, high-tech, and fast-paced production have created JLCPCB indestructible industrial chain. Loyal customers definitely know JLCPCB‘s game. Some active bloggers have compared it to the major Chinese PCB suppliers in the electronics forum. With a proud and confident voice, they speak a lot about JLCPCB and they endorse it with confidence.

The confidence that we have built in the customers makes us smile. They truly know our strength. Once any customer deals with us, he/she will know how are capable of delivering 4-layers PCB for $5 when it was priced for $14 before.

You decide the PCB cost, not the trade market

Does the market decide the PCB cost? We have to say no. When the PCB demand is higher, the profit margin will be bigger, the so-called “small profits but large sales” for Chinese PCB manufacturers, the low price has always been a notable advantage. Precisely speaking, we implement this business philosophy. The profit under a massive customer base allows us to benefit from the whole electronics industry. We have found a balance between profit and PCB charges.

When we are doing the PCB prototype, we want to be an extreme producer

Customer needs can never be demeaned. Some PCB suppliers have successively launched various high-quality products, like flexible circuit boards, PCBA, Aluminum board, etc. Did they catch the appetite of the audience? A customer saw the 4-LAYER PCB news then  asked me, “Will JLCPCB make aluminum PCB?” I thought for a while and answered: Maybe it will in the future. To me, the answer seems to be less important because we currently want to focus on what we are capable of and want to do the best in it. There are already various service providers, and when we are producing PCB prototypes, we want to stay firm as extreme producers which means we pursue the ultimate customer experience as well as provide the best quality PCB. What would be your impression for JLCPCB if every electronics worker said: “ best PCB” would be perfect.

Again, JLCPCB is not crazy. We are just pursuing to be the best and low-cost PCB supplier.