Research and development of Scoreduino devices and App

Scoreduino project was conceived and started by Sagar Sapkota(the sole owner and operator of BuildCircuit). All the devices and app modules were designed by Sagar Sapkota. It was started in January 2019 and completed in December 2020. Scoreduino is still being developed at BuildCircuit lab. The Scoreduino devices were finalized after testing several small modules. Sagar first designed small modules like BTRF and Bluetooth tester module to make the design and test process easier and faster.

This page lists out all the small modules that Sagar Sapkota built during the research and development of Scoreduino.

  1. BTRF module for testing Bluetooth module and RF modules (6CH and 4CH)
  2. Bluetooth tester module with 12 ports
  3. Basic single-digit up and down counter using 74LS192 and RF remote control
  4. Seven segment display with LEDs and its driver