The board consists of 8 x RGB LEDs 1W, BJT transistors on each LED, series resistor across the LED for current limiting, a hole to mount 18mm optical sensor which may be a defuse sensor for object detection with Arduino nano.  The board can be programed to create multiple RGB LED related applications, like interactive lamp, automatic bathroom light etc. I have used Omron E3F-D32 defuse optical sensor which can detect human or object at a distance up to 300mm. When the sensor detect any object within the range of 300mm its toggles output. The output is PNP type, the range of sensor is adjustable using trimmer pot and also sensor has LED operation indicator. All RGB LED transistors connected to D3, D5, D6 of Arduino PWM pins which helps to create multi-color effects. Optical sensor connected to digital pin D13 of Arduino Nano. Board also has prototype area to mount other sensors or circuitry and some additional components are provided to make PIC based applications or RS485 based RGB LED controller. Circuit works with 12V DC input.


  • Supply 12V DC
  • 8 RGB LEDs Each 1W
  • Defuse Reflective Sensor for Interactive Light
  • PCB Diameter 92.06 MM