Arduino Project 15- Arduino Motor Control With L293D OR SN754410

As stated on the title, in this tutorial, we will rotate a motor in both directions. To achieve this, we can use a switch or the serial monitor. We will need an integrated circuit chip (IC), called H-Bridge, we will use a L293NE or SN754410 chip for our experiment.

Inside the chip, there are two “bridges”, one on the right and one on the left of the chip and can control 2 motors and delivers up to 1 Ampere of output current.

In this tutorial we will see how to turn on and off the motor or turn it to the right or left.

To power the motor, I recommend to use an external power supply, because there are hardly any motors that takes less than 500mA.

Read this tutorial to know more about the chip L239NE

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Circuit diagram