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Audio amplifier using LM386

Description: The LM386 is an audio amplifier designed for use in low voltage consumer applications. The gain is internally set to 20 to keep external part count low, but the addition of an external resistor and capacitor between pins 1 and 8 will increase the gain to any value from 20 to 200.

You can use this useful audio amplifier for following applications:

  • AM-FM radio amplifiers
  • Portable tape player amplifiers
  • Intercoms
  • TV sound systems
  • Line drivers
  • Ultrasonic drivers
  • Small servo drivers
  • Power converters

This audio amplifier module can be used to play your FM receiver kit, make infrared based music transmitter and receiver, etc.


Project on mini breadboard:





A low cost LM386 based Audio Amplifier is available here. You can use the amplifier module for your project.

Audio amplifier


In this video, I have plugged in a simple FM receiver kit. The audio amplifier amplifies the sound of FM receiver.

🛠️ Dive into our collection of DIY Kits, 🔊 Audio Amplifiers, Digital Scoreboards, FM transmitters, and more!
🎶 Explore endless possibilities at our new store.

10 thoughts on “Audio amplifier using LM386

  1. Hello,

    I have tested it on Proteus. ITS working fine, but the Kind of waves it producing as output as not sinusoidal wave. The wave is like something else.

    Can you Give me the Reason Why !!!

  2. i would like to assemble the project but i would like to know how to make FM receiver kit.

  3. where shall i connect my other end of the wire of audio input. because if i bring out a wire from cell phone’s or any player’s connection port it comes out in form of two wires!!

  4. Can I use this design as stereo amplifier; I mean dual channel amplifier.
    And another question is if there is an amplifier whose gain starts from 1 and is adjustable, please tell me its name. Thanks.

  5. Uhmm.. is it possible that the input voltage contain 220 volts have an output voltage using multi tester is 3 volts?
    can you help me with my project? we will make a amplifier that may have an output voltage of 3 volts.. Please email.. please thank you for the help

  6. Hello May I ask a question?
    for my project , Is it possible that the input of amplifier is contain 220 volt ac and the output of it is 3 volt using multitester, can you help for the schematic diagram,, can you help for what is the best thing i can do with my project?

  7. Comment:please I need help in building an amplifier that works for a speaker with 300watt, 4ohm impedence and10 oz magnent . I would like it to be powered by a 9v battery…..i just got interested in building one m not really a science student… I would appreciate it a lot if you can send me a tutorial on how to build it on a board to my mail(epidnugotaiwo02@gmail.com), maybe inform of a video or very simple explanatory notes …especially how to connect the resistors capacitors and the rest on the board and also where the inputs and output would be

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