Connecting electrical appliance to DIY remote operated switch

This tutorial is related to my DIY remote operated switch kit. If you have come to this page from a search engine, please visit this page first.

Before trying this experiment, I strongly recommend you to learn about  relays. It can be dangerous and lead to serious accident if you don’t know how to connect a device operating at 220V on to this remote operated switch. 

Visit this page to learn about relays. 

The following picture depicts how an appliance operating at 220V is connected to relay.


In this tutorial, I am going to show you how a 60W bulb operating at 220V can be connected to the remote operated DIY kit.

Step 1: Break one of the wires that connects to the bulb and the 220V line. 

remote operated switch (1)remote operated switch (2)remote operated switch (3)

 Step 2: Connect extra wires to the broken points.

remote operated switch (4)

Step 3: Wound the connected joints with black tape(insulate the connection) so that you don’t touch on that point and get a shock. You should do this! 

remote operated switch (6)

 Step 4: Now connect the two wires to pin P and pin NO of 3-pin screw terminal. You know that the screw terminal is connected to the relay.

remote operated switch (7)

Step 5: Connect a 9V power supply to the kit and use a general remote control to operate your appliance.

remote operated switch (11)


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