DIY KIT 29- USB Digital Amplifier Board DIY Kit Audio Decoding Module

This is a USB or computer powered amplifier with a built-in USB digital audio decoding feature. It comes with a single USB plug and there is no need of an external power supply and no external audio cable. It is a simple and convenient kit to build a basic amplifier.
It uses a high-efficiency class D amplifier and a USB interface and even with limited power it still gives the best performance.

The PCB of the kit
1. Built-in USB digital audio decoding circuit
2. High-efficiency D class amplifier
3. Wire-controller adjustment, digital volume control
4. Power:0.5W*2
5. Resistance: 4 ohm
6. Supports XP, Vista, Windows7 system
This is what you get in the kit package:


How to use the kit:

     1. Connect the power amplifier board to your computer with a USB cable
     2. Connect the speakers to the screw terminals.
     3. Open the computer’s music player and instantly enjoy the music.
This is what you see after assembly
Click on the images below to see all the assembly steps. See all the images on Flickr