This is a simple FFT 8×8 Audio LED Spectrum DIY kit. The kit package comes with all the components required to build the kit. After assembly, it works well. The assembly images very amateur and ugly soldering of the components. I should have used a reflow oven and I realized that I need to practice more SMD soldering. However, the kit worked well and gave the expected output.

The kit circuitry has audio automatic gain control. It always shows the best visual effect. The circuit design is simple and has added current limiting resistors to drive the LEDs directly. There are four fixed mounting holes on that PCB so that you can fix it well on a surface. 


It can drive dot matrix, spectrum indicator, etc. The kit has a programmed FFT2088. It can control 8*8 LED. FFT2088 is designed for audio equipment. It has a professional audio decoding feature. It can display frequency and amplitude for audio signals.

There are three display modes that users can select: Fast flash, Slow flash 1, Slow flash 2 and there are three sensitivity modes that can be selected: High, Medium, Low.

Click on the images below to see all the assembly steps. You can see all the assembly steps on Flickr also. 

The images below should also help you go through assembly steps: