This tutorial shows all the steps required to build a flashing LED rotating windmill electronic beginner soldering DIY electronic kit. The kit gives an LED swirling effect after assembly. The swirling pattern can be stopped using the two tactile switches(buttons). It is a very basic electronic beginner project for beginners. You would need basic soldering skill to build this kit. It should take around half an hour to build the kit beginners.

A little microcontroller is responsible for the effect of a rotating windmill. There are 2 push buttons on the board, to change the effect.

The PCB has all the parts and their positions clearly printed on, and you will not need any additional documentation to build it. When you assemble the kit, make sure the long lead of the LEDs goes to where the “+” is printed on the silkscreen.

This module is 40 x 50mm and needs a 5V power supply.

This is the final look of the kit after assembly:

You will receive these components: 

Watch the video below:

View all the images on Flickr. Check out all the assembly images below:

Other images of the kit: