The Project works as electronic toggle switch.


The circuit is based on CMOS CD4013 Flip Flop IC, The circuit has two stable states, ON and OFF. Once it is ON, it remains ON till you press the switch again. A short button press of a tactile switch SW1 latches the circuit ON and another toggles it back OFF.

Relay switch contacts can handle high AC Voltage as well as High DC current, this makes the project suitable for application like ON/OFF Fan, Light, TV, Pump, DC Motor, any electronic project required electronic toggle operations and few other devices work on AC voltage up to 250V AC or DC current up to 5Amps.

Applications: TV, Audio Equipments, Radio, Fan, Pump, DC Motor, Electronic Projects ON/OFF


  • Supply: 12V DC
  • Current: 60mA
  • D1: Power Indicator
  • D3: Toggle State ON or OFF indicators
  • CN1: Supply Input
  • SW1: Toggle Operation