step11- another angle StripBoard with columns The back side of the strip board connection of wires to stereo jack step3- fix 10pF (C5)capacitor Step 15- Solder the antenna Step 14- Fix 9V connector step 13- Solder the stereo speaker jack Step 13- Another angle Step 13- a close view Step 12- Solder inductor (2) Step 12- solder inductor Step 13- a close view (2) Step 11- Fix the electret microphone step 11- microphone step 11- solder 30PF(C6) step 11- another angle1 Step 10- Fix R¤ and R3- 33Ohm resistors step 10- another angle step 8- top view step 9- another angle step 9- Solder C8(0.1uF) Step 7- Solder 0.1uF(C2) step 8- another angle Step 8- Solder R1(2.2K) Step 6- Fix 680pF(C3) and a jumper wire connecting to GND Step 5- Fix 30PF(C4 ) and a jumper wire connecting to GND step 4- Fix 30pF(C7) step 1- solder S9018(Q1) transistor step 2- fix 22k(R2) and 2.2K(R3)

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