Heat sensor using LM35 and arduino

You can make a heat sensor using LM35 and arduino. In this example, I am going to show you how to make a heat sensor on breadboard. You can make your arduino on breadboard using FT232RL breakout board.You can learn about making arduino programmer on breadboard in the previous articles.Click on the link below to learn how to make arduino programmer on breaboard.How to make arduino programmer on breadboard- CLICK HERE

The components placement and connections are shown in the picture below. You can put the chip on breadboard after writing code using arduino board. The pin connections can be easily seen from the picture. You can also read about running an arduino project on breadboard on the given link. Click here.

Connecting LCD on Atmega chip

Pin no. on Chip          Pin no. on LCD

4 (DIG 2)                                          14

5(DIG 3)                                           13

6(DIG 4)                                           12

11(DIG 5)                                          11

12(DIG 6)                                         6

13(DIG 7)                                         4

If you want to make a heat sensor along with a programmer, you can follow the following configuration. The output of LM35 has been connected to Analog pin 5(Pin 28 of Atmega328).

Click on the video below to see the output:


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