DIY KIT 59- How to assemble DIY digital clock kit ?

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This assembly tutorial explains how to assemble the DIY digital clock kit.

You will get the following components in the kit package:


You will need basic soldering skills to assemble the kit. If you follow the PCB silkscreen labels, you can easily solder the kit.

Step 1: Solder two Resistors and capacitors 30pF(code-30) and 0.1uF (code-104).

Step 2: Solder the other 30pF capacitor also.

Step 3: Solder the 12Mhz crystal oscillator.

Step 4: Solder 2pcs tactile switches

Step 5: Solder SS8550 transistor.

Step 6: Solder IC socket and SIP-9 1k resistor. The resistor is used to control current in the seven segment display

Step 7: Solder 10uF capacitor. Be careful with the capacitor polarity. Insert positive pin of the capacitor in the hole marked +

Step 8: Solder 5mm screw terminal. You will use this terminal to connect battery.

Step 9: Solder the buzzer. Note the polarity of the buzzer.

Step 10: Solder 4 digit seven segment display

Step 11: Insert the microcontroller chip in the IC socket

Step 12: Connect a 9V battery connector to the screw terminal. You can now use the digital clock.

Digital clock DIY kit is available at