How to assemble Magician Chassis

Check out similar robotics chassis at Buildcircuit store has recently released a simple, easy and useful robot platform for robotics amateurs. It is called “Magician Chassis”. You can use the chassis for different kinds of robots, for example, line sensing, obstacle detecting and smart phone controlled robots. I have recently published an easy project about smart phone controlled robot. I have also used Magician Chassis on my project. I recommend this chassis for robotics amateurs and novices because it is cheaper than other products I have known. You can use it for learning and experimenting the basics of robotics.

You get these components in the Magician Chassis package:

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How to assemble Magician Chassis? 

Step 1: You have two chassis boards, CHASSIS-UP and CHASSIS-BOTTOM. Put motor holders on Chassis-Bottom.

Chassis-up(right) and chassis-bottom(left)
Motor holders on chassis bottom

Step 2: Connect speed holder with wheel rotator of motor and fix on the chassis-bottom. Fix the motor using M3*30 Screw and M3 nuts.

Speed board holder(RED) fixed with wheel rotator.
Motors with speed board holders
M3*30 screw
M3 nuts
Fix motor on the chassis-bottom

Step 3: Fix another motor also on the chassis-bottom.

Two motor on chassis-bottom
Two motor on chassis-bottom

Step 4: Now fix the wheels.

Fix the left wheel
Fix the right wheel

Step 5: Assemble Omni wheel using M3*6 screw and L25 spacer.

omni wheel
M3*6 screw
L25 spacer
L25 spacer on chassis
Fix L25 spacer for Omni Wheel
Fix omni wheel
Omni wheel on chassis

Step 6: Fix battery holder using M3*10 flathead screw

Battery holder fixed

Step 7: Use L25 spacer to fix chassis-up

L25 spacers on the chassis

Step 8: Fix Chassis-up over the L25 spacers.

Completely assembled magician chassis


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