How to use infrared module with Arduino

infrared module with arduino (1)

This project is similar to the following projects:

1. ON and OFF LED using infrared sensor

2. PWM experiment using infrared sensor

For this particular and the above listed experiments, you need this library:

See the following image to know how to fix the infrared sensor on the breakout board.

infrared module with arduino (4)

Datasheet of HX1838


Use the three dupont wires to connect the breakout board to your Arduino.

VCC pin on the board- goes to VCC of Arduino

GND pin on the board- goes to GND pin of Arduino

IN pin on the board – goes to digital pin 2 of Arduino

And a connect an LED to digital pin no. 13. As you press a remote control directing to the Infrared sensor, the LED will be switched on and off.

Upload the following sketch on to your Arduino: