This is the most basic project for Arduino beginners. Almost everyone starts Arduino with this project.

The output of this project is a blinking/flashing LED. Insert an LED on your breadboard and connect it to your Arduino using wires as shown on the image.

We can also use the inbuilt LED present on the Arduino board indicated with the letter L without necessarily connecting the LED as shown in the diagram. The LED L already has a smd resistor integrated on the board, this allows us to insert the LED directly into the GND pins and 13.

Components required to build this project:

  1. 1x LED
  2. 1 x Breadboard
  3. 1 x 220 Ohm resistor
  4. 1 x Wires
  5. 1 x Arduino UNO R3


– Connect Arduino pin 13 to the resistor
– Connect the longer lead of the LED (anode pin) to the resistor.
– Connect the shorter lead of the LED to the Arduino pin GND (ground). 

Insert the code on Arduino through the IDE software if you have not downloaded it follow this guide on how to install the Arduino software .

Arduino Sketch: