RS485 Shield For Arduino Nano

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Arduino Nano RS485 shield will help you to transmit and receive serial data using the twisted pair RS485 network. The module provides half-duplex communication. LED D1 indicates receive data, D2 Transmit LED, J1 jumper is optional and not in use in this application. DI/RE connected to D2 of Arduino digital pin which enables Receiver Output /Driver Output. CN1 connecter supply input, CN2 3 pin screw terminal helps to connected twisted pair cable.  The unit can communicate over 4000 feet of 26AWG twisted-pair wire at 110 kHz into 120Ω loads.


  • Supply 7-12V DC
  • D2 Transmit LED, D1 Receive LED
  • PCB Dimensions 40.46 x 17.98 mm






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